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Guitar playing footage up, updates !

Sept. 24, 2013

And summer went by in the blink of an eye ! During the past months my new website has been coming together steadily, and I've been working on music and design like crazy.

First, as some of you may have noticed already, my Youtube channel now has real logo and artwork, as well as many sections with playlists grouping songs depending on different stuff (for example console generation).

Another thing is that I got my hands on a video camera, which I can use to record footage of myself playing my own tunes. And the first video like this is up, check it out !

When my new website is launched, there will be fresh music in various styles for all of you to listen to ! But until then, the next major event coming up is the 10th anniversary of the Dwelling of Duels, the monthly video game music competition.

As I always was a regular entrant, it's my duty to enter. The deadline is October 19th. I'm not allowed to tell what game I'm going to cover, but all I can tell is that I'm doing my best to deliver something cool. When the time comes, come have a listen and try to guess which song I did !

Last but not least, I've created a Soundcloud account. Feel free to check out my music there if it's more convenient for you !