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GoldenEye 007, Antenna Cradle covered - Picture

GoldenEye 007, Antenna Cradle covered

Nov. 15, 2008

Have you ever played the legendary GoldenEye 007 ? Although I'm generally more fond of older games, this one really caught me back then. It was really fun playing it with friends or family.

I've wanted to cover one theme especially, for a long time : the Antenna Cradle final fight level theme. And now it's finally done. It's a simple song, no adds except the ending, that I worked out a bit. I hope you like it, it's called "Let The Pain Out" (NL version).

OtherSteve, who runs a cool radio here, and Rexy, another video game arranger that you probably already know, kindly donated, and I'm really thankful to both of them for that.