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Live performances of my arrangements - Picture

Live performances of my arrangements

May 25, 2012

It's been too long since I last worked on a video game music remix ! And yet I have tons of ideas. But since the beginning of the year I've been focusing on composing stuff for my local band and the soundtrack of an indie RPG maker VX driven game. I intend to make one or two other arrangements at some point this year though.

Speaking of my local band, that goes by the name of Shadow Broker (FR), I had not yet written about this, but the idea of performing CarboHydroM tunes on stage is more and more making its way through ! Interesting development isn't it ? For now, we have only added Let The Pain Out to our playlist, mostly because it's among the simplest to learn, but you can expect a few others to come later on !

You will be able to watch these live performances either on my Youtube channel or Shadow Broker's.