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Merry Christmas !

Dec. 25, 2013

Time flies so fast it's crazy ! We will soon be in 2014 already. And even though I don't have any of my usual remixes to share today as a Late Christmas gift, I still have a little something for you to listen to. I've uploaded to Soundcloud one song of my demo reel, called "Unbreakable Wings". I composed it with a retro shmup game in mind, and it blends 2A03 NES style sounds in my usual guitar-driven recipe. Although it might not be what you expected, I hope you like it.

Also, if you missed it, I've posted a new guitar performance video earlier this month, featuring my playing "Shell Rider", my 2006 arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.

My new website is right at the corner too. I still have to properly integrate it with this one. Stay tuned, and again, a happy Christmas to all of you !