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Planetarium, Twitter, and major news ! - Picture

Planetarium, Twitter, and major news !

July 1, 2013

These past few months mark a major change in my life. I've left my sysadmin job a month ago, and I'm officially starting to write game soundtracks as a primary activity. Not just guitar-driven stuff, although by now most people expect me to come up with only that. I'm in the process of building a demo reel and dedicated website, while still being booked on the game soundtracks of before. But now, this is different. Now I can work on all this during the day, instead of spending precious time on totally unrelated stuff !

So as a mean to mark this important milestone, I've released a brand new song. It covers the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS, and is called "Planetarium". Enjoy !

Another step I've taken lately is the creation of a Twitter account. I've found that when it comes to letting the world know about something, it can be very efficient. I intend to post about my work and music in general. So if you're interested you can do yourself a favor and follow me there.