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Collaboration with LuIzA released and a Mega Man 9 project - Picture

Collaboration with LuIzA released and a Mega Man 9 project

Sept. 3, 2009

I hope summer went well for all of you. Marseilles is definitely too hot for me. Anyway, this song has been out on OverClocked ReMix for a while now, and you very probably know it already. But as the song was available here on the special page for donators before the Summoning of Spirits 'Tales Of' ReMix album came out, I completely forgot to release it on the main music page.

If you have not heard of that yet, this work is a collaborative effort between LuIzA and I, and that we did quite a long time ago now. I know almost nothing of the 'Tales Of' series and was not much motivated by contributing alone. Then LuIzA asked me if I wanted to work on a song with her, and as I knew she was seeking a similar style, it suddenly got interesting and I decided to do it.

The truth is that we remade this song once, to improve it a little bit. I wrote parts of the song, programmed the drums and recorded half of the guitars. LuIzA reworked the song with me, played the bass, recorded the other (with more shredding by the way) guitars, and mixed the whole stuff down in the end.

It's called "Strike Of The Devil's Axes". Have a nice listen !

Finally, I would like to thank three people who donated during these months, namely OrcRys, Tanner Lee and KWarp. Thanks a lot for all your support, even though I have not produced video game related thing since March. I actually joined Dustin "k-wix" Kulwicki in his Mega Man 9 remix album project, and took the credits theme track. The song is ready now, and is available for donators on the special page. I will release it soon after his project is out on OCR.