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Introducing Dwelling Of Heroes from Gunstar Heroes - Picture

Introducing Dwelling Of Heroes from Gunstar Heroes

Nov. 1, 2013

It's been a few months since I last released a new arrangement. That time has come again my dear friends ! Today I'm releasing an epic medley covering 4 themes from the soundtrack of Gunstar Heroes, by Treasure on Sega Genesis, a frantic shooting game that actually celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. No better occasion than this !

To top it off, in October was also the 10th anniversary of the Dwelling of Duels contest ! Both being regular entrants, my bassist friend Wild_Cat and I committed a joined effort to make something worth submitting. The competition was memorable, with 4 hours of music and 53 songs ! And guess what ? We score 3rd place !

But enough chit-chat, I'll let you enjoy this new song now. It's called "Dwelling Of Heroes". You can find out more about it on its download page. As usual, it will also be available for streaming on Youtube and even on Soundcloud.