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A New Beginning - Cover art

A New Beginning

Release dateSept. 8, 2011
Source materialMega Man 9 (Wiiware) - Credits theme

Here is an arrangement that I've made out of the credits theme in Mega Man 9 (WiiWare). The original soundtrack of the game was written by Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami, Yu Shimoda and Hiroki Isogai.

It's part of the Mega Man 9 soundtrack remixing album project that was directed by K-wix at OverClocked ReMix.

As the original version of the song has a decent duration, I wrote a very straight forward arrangement with live guitars and bass, and sequenced drums and synths. I focused on making the song sound live, rather than creating completely new stuff out of it. Using a wah pedal on lead guitars during the verses is the idea I'm the most proud of. It just sounds completely natural this way, and yet I'm not at all a wah guy. As usual, I had a lot of fun writing the drums parts, figuring out what sort of rhythm would be the best fit. People used to my works would easily recognize my overused recipes, including fast punkish double-pedal sections, and crash cymbal "showers" in the final part of the mix.

Everything was not easy though. The melodic content I had to work with was pretty rich, and was not easy to arrange for guitars without overloading the mix with chords details that nobody would hear anyway, so I decided to use synths. On top of that, I'm not skilled enough to play all the crazy arpeggios around the main melody without wasting the whole mix, so programming non-live instruments was a better solution.

Important : unless expressed otherwise, this work is based on music originally written by other people, and therefore I claim absolutely NO copyright on it. The original composers are listed in this file's audio tags. This work is only a tribute made by a fan, for other fans. Share it for free.

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