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Killer Pawn - Cover art

Killer Pawn

Release dateJuly 8, 2007
Source materialMega Man II & III (NES) - Introduction from MMIII and Wily's stage, 1st level from MMII

This is a rock arrangement of mine, covering both the introduction theme from Mega Man 3, and the 1st Wily's stage's from Mega Man 2, both on NES. Mega Man 3's soundtrack was written by Bun Bun, while Mega Man 2's was by Yuuki-chan's Papa, Ogeretsu-kun and Manami Ietel.

All instruments are played and recorded by me, except the drums that I programmed and rendered with Drumkit From Hell 2 and Natural Studio Kit 7. I also added a few synths in the introduction part, and these are programmed and rendered using simple saw and square signals.

Important : unless expressed otherwise, this work is based on music originally written by other people, and therefore I claim absolutely NO copyright on it. The original composers are listed in this file's audio tags. This work is only a tribute made by a fan, for other fans. Share it for free.

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